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Tomat is creepy

I love Tomcat, but it really gives me the creeps sometimes. Using the latest 6.0.14 release, I’ve been linking my log4j configuration from $CATALINA_HOME/lib/trace.properties to whereever it actually resides.

The symlinking of both JAR libraries and trace.properties has always been fine. Now, all of a sudden, my logging config didn’t work anymore. I had been using the same setup the whojle day. All of a sudden, after five hours of work it seized to work. After some trial and error, I removed the symlink and copied the trace.properties into lib/ instead. All of a sudden the logging worked again (!)

And it’s not that symlinking from CATALINA_HOME/lib doesn’t work anymore, the JARs are picked up just fine. It’s just the trace.properties file that is no longer allowed to be symlinked. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!!

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Tomcat kept throwing annoying NoClassDefFoundErrors at me although the class was in a jar that resided in webapp classpath (a jar in mywebapp/WEB-INF/lib). Also, it didn’t happen all the time, just “often”. Restarting the server sometimes helped, sometimes not. Testing the same webapp on the Resin app server gave no such errors.

To my (so far) great positive surprise, an upgrade from Apache Tomcat 6.0.10 to 6.0.14 seems to have remedied it. Excellent! It’s amazing how such basic things can make you smile 🙂

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